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Chairman’s Message

We make every effort, armed with our belief in God and in ourselves, to lay the foundations for achieving significant economic results through the untiring hard work of the shareholders and employees of our company. We also want to make a strong contribution to our national economy in order to entrench the glory of our past, strengthen our present and successfully achieve what we aspire to, in the future. We wish to pave the way for future generations to undertake the responsibilities and carry the flag after us.


Board of Directors

Member of the Board’s functional capacity

Name of the member

Functional capacity

M / Mustafa Abdel Salam Abdel Salam Gabali

Chairman and Managing Director

A / Fahmi Fahmi Abdul Nafi al-Majid

Managing Director of Commercial Affairs

A / Ahmed Shawky Mohamed Mr. Montaser

Managing Director of Financial and Administrative Affairs

D / Sherif Mustafa Gabali

Member of the Board

D / Mustafa Abdel-Salam Mustafa Gabali

Member of the Board

D / Mohamed Mohsen Abdel-Salam Gabali

Member of the Board

A / Nabil Abdel Aziz Khalil Salem

Member of the Board

A / Mohamed Hamza Hamad Badr

Member of the Board


For the company to occupy a distinguished place by production of high quality seeds and efficient fertilizers. To cover the domestic market completely by filling the big gap of supply and demand in order to reach the balanced rates. We export the surplus products to global markets under the slogan “Made in Egypt”, which helps in providing more foreign currency to the country and creating more opportunities to work with the complete adherence to the highest standards of quality and environmental safety measures.



To our customers

Keep pace with the latest technological methods in the world in order to offer them with the best types of seedsand fertilizers. Seeds that will enable them produce crops with high quality and meet the needs of the domestic market as well as stand on an equal footing with those around the World.

To the shareholders

Careful strategic planning to all investment opportunities available and proper examination of every aspect prior to entering into them so as to achieve the highest investment return for their money. To build a significant economic organization with an excellent reputation in both local and international markets that they will be proud of as being the owners.

To the employees of the company

Building a strong economic structure that belong to them and which they’re proud of. Provide belief in their bright future with functional and social status consistent with our commitment to continuous training on the latest technological processes and modern systems that will enable them perform all tasks entrusted to them with the utmost professionalism and proficiency.

To the community

Establish a strong economic entity as an instrument to strengthen country since we believe that powerful nation based on the strong economic institutions. Pursue permanent the latest production systems meeting local and international standards to provide products that will contribute to raising Egypt’s name high in all forums. Take into account all the environmental safety standards, including the security for the proper disposal of all production processes residues in order to protect the Egyptian environment from any Hazards.



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